Current, figurative and expressive art,
inspired by the present moment

through 5 themes: childhood, sea, love, spirituality and India.
Most artworks are sculptures in bronze or installations composed of bronze. The artist also makes 3D paintings constituted of messages written with bronze pieces or neon lights. Artworks by Christine Margotin can be acquired through art galleries or be commissioned (bespoke, large projects).

  • Expo Alliance Française de Delhi
    Exhibition hall at Alliance française de Delhi, Nov. 2013
  • Slide_Faire des bulles
    “Blowing bubbles” – bronze & glass
  • slide_Festival des arts IIC
    “Rope jumping” & C. Margotin – Festival of arts, New Delhi, Oct. 2015
  • Slide_Avec mon petit chien
    “With my puppy” – bronze
  • slide_Lalit Kala Delhi
    “Scaring the geese” & C. Margotin – Exhibition at Lalit Kala Delhi, Dec. 2015
  • La foi ( ou comme dans les bras de Papa )
    “Faith (or like in Daddy’s arms)” – bronze
  • Slide_Lalit Kala Chandigarh
    Exhibition hall at Lalit Kala, Chandigarth

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Bodies of works
Christine Margotin has constituted a large body of works on the theme of childhood (children games, children emotions, children qualities, children’s movement and reactions…). She has been largely inspired by India as well during her stay of 7 years in the country and has formed a body of works on Indians and their way of life. In addition, the artist is inspired by themes like water, love and spirituality. Her 5 themes of predilection often overlap in her artworks.

Materials, size and colors
Margotin’s sculptures are made in bronze. Sizes vary from reduced to life size, and can be made in monumental size, on order. Traits and movement of the depicted characters, subtle expressions emanating from their faces, their nowadays and finely detailed clothes confer a very present and dynamic style to the artworks. Other materials such as glass, resin, and steel are often associated with bronze in the artist compositions and installations. For the production of her bronze sculptures, Christine Margotin closely works with bronze casters from an art foundry that uses the ancestral technique of the “lost wax”. The artist usually achieves herself the final step of the process by making the patina of the bronze. She uses traditional colours like brown, green, black as well as more contemporary hues like red, pink, purple, blue, grey and white.
Christine Margotin’s 3D frames are canvases that can be hung on a wall like traditional paintings, though they are in 3D. They include pieces of bronze or neon lights attached to a canvas support. These 3D frames express a positive message through words and shape, sometimes light.

Collectors & locations
Christine Margotin’s artworks find their place in a wide range of places, in inside or outside venues. The small and medium size artworks easily decorate private homes, residences, offices, meeting rooms and waiting rooms. Larger artworks and installations, whether spontaneously created or made on order, enhance the places where they’re installed by bringing meaning and positive influx. They fit well in public spaces, private or public gardens, squares, parvis and esplanades, working places, headquarters, entrance halls, reception, city / municipality buildings, schools and cultural centres.

Artworks edition
Christine Margotin’s artworks are produced in very limited edition. The copies of each artwork are numbered up to 8 (plus 4 artist prooves numbered in Roman numbers). Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. Though every copy is made as close as possible to the original, especially by using molds for the sculptures, each art piece is unique. Indeed, there are always discrepancies throughout the process that result in very tiny variations in the details or in the hues of the patina.